Multi-instrumentalist and producer from Melbourne, Carla Ori is the brains and imagination behind Biscotti. Working together with a band of four, Ori has released her debut LP Like Heaven in the Movies via one of our favourite local labels, LISTEN Records.

To help bring the album to its absolute potential, Biscotti has teamed up with photographer Alice Hutchison. A series inspired by each song, the unique collaboration paints the imagery that Biscotti generates aurally. Celebrating the release of the album, the dynamic pair debuted their work in an exhibition at Melbourne’s Neon Parlour Gallery. This exhibition caused a bit of a stir, as the location of the gallery is opposite a primary school, and there was a dildo in the gallery window as part of the exhibit. Any press is good press though, right?

Completely transcending and unlike anything before it, Like Heaven in the Movies is an exuberant journey and Biscotti is the captain.

Like Heaven in the Movies illustrates Biscotti’s colourful artistry and ear for avant pop creativity. The album takes you by the hand and allows you to float among clouds of vibrant synths and pop-electro rhythm. The clever fusion of 70s and 8-bit inspired beats blankets you in warm and energetic vibes. Tracks like ‘Soda Pop’ and ‘Jeanie Brown’  transport you into a brand new world you may never want to leave.

Heavily inspired by the likes of Ennio Morricone, ‘Luciano’s Jalopy’ takes on more of a display of Italian cinema meets garage rock in a way that only Biscotti can create. Tracks like ‘Velvet Sunflake (Cheating on Magic Steve)’ and ‘Cognac’ continue to evoke the sense that these songs belong to a soundtrack of a film that doesn’t exist (but totally should). Drawing the album to a close, ‘Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli’ brings you down from flight with a smooth landing.

The 10-track album is completely unique in its entirety with each song delivering a different experience to the next. Biscotti has mastered the art of looking beyond and producing something that truly cannot be replicated.