In anticipation of their third LP ‘Animal’, Big Scary have given us a glimpse into the mind and soul of their album with the release of their latest single ‘Over Matter’. Featuring wavering synth and harrowing vocals, Big Scary continue to demonstrate their ability to adapt and evolve as musicians and artists.

Big Scary’s use of layering in the track allows for the descent into complete indulgence and the ascension of the soul, as listeners become seduced by the powerful lyrics and entrancing drum beats. These facets, combined with the impassioned vibrancy of a syrupy sax, leaves us suspended in total awe as we are submerged, wave after wave, by the luscious musings of Melbourne’s very own two-piece outfit.

Accompanying their latest release, Big Scary have also crafted a music video that embodies the staggering sensibility of ‘Over Matter’. With dream-like and stunning visuals, the duo’s music video echoes the fluid fragility of the track and the breathless bloom of anticipation. The clips visual vehemence, combined with whimsical written word, allows for the listeners gentle enrapture in a musical cosmos caught in flux.

Big Scary’s ‘Animal’ will be released both digitally and on vinyl on September 2nd, giving us enough time to graciously prepare for the brilliance to come.