Situated in central South America, Bolivia’s beauty is realised in the perpetual metamorphosis of its land. With its administrative capital, La Paz, situated 3,658m above sea level in the Andean Altiplano region, Bolivia’s natural and cultural history demands respect and recognition, and rightfully so.

Perhaps the only phenomenon elevated higher than Bolivia’s mountain ranges is the spirits of the people that reside within this boisterous country. Amongst the poorest in the world, Bolivian people are prosperous in all other aspects of the word: culturally, naturally, historically, the list goes on and on.

With its diverse landscape stretching from the Andes to the illustrious Salar De Uyuni, the country’s scenery sings songs of an unparalleled luster in a complete Bolivian bolero. Home to sections of the lush Amazon rainforest, bleached deserts and majestic mountains, Bolivia is also famous for one of the most dangerous road in the world – the road that ranges from La Paz to Coroico, colloquially named Death Road.

In addition to this perilous road, Bolivia is home to one of the most famous natural phenomenons in the world, the coveted Salt Flats. This treasured terrain measures 10,582 square kilometers and is a popular route to travel from the untouched town of Uyuni in Bolivia, to the desert gem of San Pedro, in Chile.

Photo and Video Credit: Rob Corica