Chile, situated on the west coast of the captivating continent of South America, stretches from the Atacama Desert and claims part of the Antarctic continent, and is recognised as one of the longest countries in the world. Due to the vast amount of land this spectacular country covers, its landscape is considered to be one of the most diverse in the world and is an arcadia for those with an ardour for adventure.

Santiago stands as the metropolitan heart of the country, pumping with bustling waves of activity and excitement, and is enclosed by the snow-dusted Andes and the expansive Chilean Coastal Range. Due to its geographical isolation, Chilean culture remains relatively undisturbed and is a flamboyant amalgamation of Spanish Colonial culture and the indigenous Mapuche culture.

However, culture is not the only thing this spectacular country is affluent in. Chile’s love for art is reflected in not only its people, but also the cities in which they live. Valparaiso is perhaps the most famous example of this. Exuding an unbridled vibrance, Valparaiso stands as one of the most artistic and colourful cities within not only Chile, but also the palatial province we know as South America. Covered in gorgeous graffiti, it allows for a discussion on artistic merit, and how graffiti and other forms of street art can be labeled as the most humble forms of artistic practice.

For those seeking adventure, Chile shares the province of Patagonia with its neighbour, Argentina. Patagonia is the manifestation of all things primeval and precious, with its beauty becoming more and more recognised by tourists over the years. Situated in Patagonia, is the coveted Torres Del Paine national park, where one can embark on treks that take you around the treasured terrain to experience natures glory, unparalleled by anything imaginable.

Photo Credit: Rob Corica