Fresh from a national tour promoting the new track ‘MerryGo’ and ready to board a plane to this years Splendour in the Grass (with side-project Super Cruel) is Tigerilla. The Adelaide producer has enjoyed ample success over the past year, elevating his live shows to new heights, and being involved in some very impressive collaborations. We caught up with Tigerilla to discuss how his writing and collaborative processes take shape, and to find out exactly whats up next.

You may know Tigerilla from his excellent tracks with rapper Allday and frequent collaborations with Mallrat, providing production for her debut track ‘Suicide Blonde’, a synthpop meets party rap monster tune. He also made waves last year with the track ‘TULIPS’, a collaboration with rapper Gill Bates, scoring a J-Award nomination for best music video in 2016. From here, the producer scored a stint at Beyond the Valley, and appeared on the Adelaide Groovin’ The Moo bill earlier this year. Yet, he remains humble about transitioning from smaller venues to larger stages, explaining that each has its own rewarding quality. “There’s that intimate feeling, being borderline near everyone in a small venue, but on a big stage you just feel like you can give more and elevate it to a new level. It makes sense to really embrace it and just go for it”

But the bigger things seem to be paying off, with the producer now collaborating with some international names – demonstrated with this year’s hip-hop, electro-heavy jam ‘Merry Go’, featuring American rapper Dominique Young Unique. When asked about the expectations of dropping a new tune as an established artist, Tigerilla tells us that,“there’s definitely that feeling of apprehension, you always have a feeling of ‘oh this is the new track, ‘this is what I’ve got to go with’. When tracks are released I do feel like I may get radio support, but its never a given and you’ve gotta back yourself and your team has to back you and push forward and hope for the best’. This greatly coincides with the artist’s recent push for fans and aspiring musicians to the never give up on achieving their musical dreams. Collaborations with other artists essentially launched Tigerilla‘s career, and his approach to these collaborations is rather fluid. “I never sort of make a track and go this is directly for this person, because I feel like you jinx yourself a little bit. Sometimes I’ll remix things and think ‘wow this sounds cool with this person on it’. I feel that allows me to make contact. In your mind you’ve tailored (the track) to them and it generally sits in a space they feel comfortable in.”

Although he is enjoying success as a producer, Tigerilla has a lengthy history playing in bands while growing up. “It’s where I learnt how to structure songs and make music in a full capacity. But there’s a lot of money that goes into recording bands and a lot of people who have to agree on things. I think I took on a producer role because of that. But, saying that, the more I can grow (individually) the more I want to write back with other bands, produce for bands, get back into the instrumentation side. There’s a whole bunch of things I really want to do moving forward”.

Needless to say, Tigerilla has excelled in the role of producer. When asked about what is next in the short-term scheme of things, there is an exciting bill of local talent he will be teaming up with; “I’ve got some stuff in the works with Mallrat. I’m always collaborating with similar people who I’ve already worked with. Ninajirachi is really dope, but she’s actually finishing her year 12, so we’ve put some stuff on hold, but I kind of can’t wait for when she’s ready. She’s got a really cool sound.” 

Stay tuned for Tigerilla’s upcoming tracks, and you can catch him supporting Motez in September.