What do you get when you combine the likes of The Internet, Daft Punk, and Tame Impala? An exquisitely dreamy lovechild in the form of Australian electronic/hip-hop producer Tiber. Otherwise known as Daniel Modica, Tiber bases himself in Melbourne while his taste in music ventures all over the world. Having just released his debut EP Moments, and collaborating with the likes of Fantastic Fantastic and Moonbase, Tiber is rapidly making a name for himself both on home soil, and overseas. Slotting himself comfortably somewhere between the genres of hip-hop, electronic, dance, and funk, he’s an amalgamation of all his influences, and we got the chance to speak him about the tracks that influenced him to create his distinctive sound.

1. Jai Paul – ‘BTSTU’

‘I had never heard any of Jai’s music until around December 2016, but after hearing this track I was hooked, especially considering how old it was by the time I heard it.  It’s such a dirty track with the speaker breaking bass coming in but also so catchy and listenable at the same time.’

 2. The Internet – ‘Feel Good’

‘Have always been a big fan of The Internet, this funk based pop always stuck out to me as having a really captivating sound. I’ve played around with it in the past on some older tracks and this was one of the earliest ones I can remember to inspire that sound.’

3. A.K. Paul – ‘Landcruisin’

‘You can’t have one Paul bro without the other, the rhythm in this song is so simple but so complex as well, it’s something that I’ve always strived for and this song is the perfect example of how to do it.’

4. SebastiAn – ‘Embody’

‘I know he’s done a lot of mixing work with Frank Ocean and that’s how I found out about him, but the track Embody is one that I remember from High School but had no idea who wrote it, just a really catchy melody with hard hitting synths and drums, can’t ask for much more.’

5. Daft Punk – ‘One More Time’

‘For some reason, I always think of Daft Punk around new years, I think when I was young I used to play one more time at midnight on new years for some reason. This track borders on cheesy and classic to me at times, but it was super ahead of it’s time which I love.’

6. Tame Impala – ‘The Less I Know The Better’

‘Kevin is a genius, have been a fan of his since I was 16. Seeing how his production has developed over the years has been really great, his song structure has definitely turned more to the ‘pop’ side as well but he does it in a really unique way. Plus that bass riff is incredible.’

7. Toro Y Moi – ‘Never Matter’

‘I really love the way Chaz uses his voice as like a percussive element during the chorus of this song, you don’t hear that often. The synths throughout the track are great as well, the whole thing progresses so nicely.’

8. Michael Jackson – ‘Scream’ ft. Janet Jackson

‘Only saw the video for this song recently and found out it was one of the most expensive videos ever made. The song itself is just so far ahead of its time as well, they even show anime in the film clip, who knew what anime was in 1995??’

9. Prince – ‘Extralovable’

‘Raw Prince is definitely my favourite Prince,  I think this song got released under a different title later on but this one is from 1983 and sounds like it could be from today, he was really next level in every way.’

You can catch Tiber supporting DAWS on their national tour, at The Workers Club on November 30th, grab tickets here.