Korky Buchek are a pair of  care-free, fun loving, Aussie blokes. Challenging conventions by daring to be different and not conforming to societies norms, the Sydney duo are in a great place right now. They have recently released their debut EP, ‘Outer Space.’ A four-track tape filled with bangers that’ll be destroying dance floors all of 2019.

I’m speaking with Peter, one half of Korky Buchek on a Friday morning. Our conversation flows easily, we discuss everything from getting naked on stage, Freddie Mercury, $6,000 council fines for throwing illegal raves, and everything in between. We even end up singing Sacha Baren-Cohen songs together. I’m left wondering if perhaps Peter is a Sagittarius or an Aries? (My girlfriend’s theory as to why he’s getting on so well with my Gemini self.) Or maybe we knew one another in a previous life. Perhaps.

Korky Buchek Golfin’! Image Supplied by Artist

I have an inkling about the Sydney duo’s name, Korky Buchek. I’m sure I’ve heard it before somewhere. “It’s from Borat!,” Peter tells me. It all rushes back to me now.  “There’s a scene when he’s in Atlanta with some African Americans and they ask ‘what music are you listening to?’ He makes up a fictional character, he goes Korky Buchek!,” he explains. Peter then blasts into a fine rendition of “bing bang bing bang bong.” I join in, of course.

“Then one of our mates said that I look a bit like Borat so one of my friends said “why don’t you call yourself Korky Buchek?” And we were so young and naïve so just thought ahh why not?

The name alone epitomises the spirit of the duo. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and why should they? Electronic music has had it’s scandals over the past few years. With sexism and homophobia rearing ugly heads in the scene, Korky Buchek attempt to combat itshowing that there is no place for bigotry in music.

“We watched ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and Freddie Mercury, we were sort of inspired by how everyone was back in the day, and how they did everything they could to challenge things.”

It’s been just over half a year from first radio play to releasing their new EP Outer Space and what a journey it’s been so far. “It’s always exciting like, being a huge Triple J fan, it’s the same every time we get played, it just feels like the first time,” Peter explains. “I mean that’s why we do what we do, to get it out for the fans, for the people, just to play on national radio. Like we grew up listening to it and were inspired”, he says.

Korky Buchek know how to have a good time. Image supplied by artist.

There is no right or wrong way to produce music but in the electronic scene, origins are often similar. Downloading a bootlegged copy of some production software is usually the first step for budding ‘Skrillex’s‘ or ‘Diplos‘. On creating the EP, Peter declares

“We can only write based on emotion, we can’t sit there and try and write something that we’re not feeling.”

Peter then reminisces on how the duo created ‘Pull Your Pants Up‘, the EP’s opener. “We were just locked in the studio for like three days and there was an accordion. Tom was playing some notes on that and I just randomly got on the mic and freestyled some lyrics, just yelled into the mic. Every process is different.”  Outer Space‘ draws influences from Hip Hop, Rock and Pop but the Buchek boys site ‘The Neptunes‘ and ‘Timbaland‘ as GOAT status producers.

‘J’aime Danser’ is the standout track on the EP. It sounds a lot darker than the rest of the EP and you can hear the duo’s techno influences throughout. It’s a song that wouldn’t go amiss in the ‘DC-10‘s’ and ‘Sankeys‘ of Ibiza. “We finished that track on the last day of recording the EP”, Peter explains. “We got the keys playing and just laid down some crazy stuff…it turned out to be our favourite track on the EP”, he tells me.

Electronic music and renegade antics seem to go hand in hand, the authorities are trying to clamp down on the scene. The whole ‘Don’t Kill Live Music’ movement has gained traction recently. But long before this movement kicked off, the NSW government have been attempting to douse the Korky Buchek fire. About a year ago, the boys threw a warehouse party, selling over 300 tickets. Not long after, Newtown council handed them a hefty $6000 fine for their shindig. Between lockout laws and lack of venues, it can be discouraging for newcomers.

Korky Buchek Attacking Homophobia Head On! Image Supplied By Artist.

“Outside of Korky Buchek, our jobs is to DJ. Maybe three or four times a week we’re out DJing. If you hustle, I think (NSW regulations) don’t affect you, but if you’re just starting up and you don’t have that network, it is difficult and can be discouraging for people that want to get involved in the live music scene.”

With all that being said, the underground scene seems to be keeping it’s head above the water. When the adrenaline kicks in, Sydneysiders are choosing fight over flight. “In Sydney we don’t have as many places to go out, so musicians are sitting in their studios and garages and coming together. That’s why I feel like the scenes buzzing so much, there’s so much good music coming out”, Peter explains.

‘Outer Space’ has proved a cracking start to 2019 for the boys, releasing more singles and playing as many shows as possible, being their main aim for the rest of the year.

Cheekily putting Korky Buchek on the spot, we pressed for Peter’s top five songs of all time (in no particular order). After frantically searching his Spotify, this list followed:

  1. ‘Rock With You’Michael Jackson
  2. ‘Get You’Daniel Caesar
  3. ‘Hit ‘Em Up’Tupac
  4. ‘Warp’The Bloody Beetroots
  5. ‘My People’The Presets

Image supplied by artist.

Before we finish, I ask Peter to encapsulate Korky Buchek. He tells me, “we want to inspire people, to break free of society’s norms and just feel liberated. We want people to never be afraid to challenge themselves and just properly enjoy (themselves).”

“We make tunes to inspire people to feel free, properly free!”

I thank Peter for his time and he extends an invitation to his Melbourne leg of their future tour. Humbled and inspired by the Korky Buchek mantra, I wish them well. These boys are stars in the making.

Stream ‘Outer Space’ here.

Catch up with the boys on Instagram here.