As one of Australia’s leading touring and management companies for electronic music, Audiopaxx is celebrating its 5th birthday with a huge lineup on Friday August 25th. The night will feature Yahtzel, Carmada, Amastro, Colour Castle, Elk Road, LDRU and a bunch of other artists. We sat down with LDRU to chat about the birthday bash, and his latest album Sizzlar.

At just 23, Drew, better known by his stage name LDRU, has already made quite a mark on the music industry. His track ‘Keeping Score’ ranked number 14 on the ARIA charts, and rolled in at number 22 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 back in 2015.

When asked about his relationship with Audiopaxx, LDRU has only positive thoughts on the crew. “It’s been great. Together we’ve kind of grown as people, and as artists and managers. It’s been a really great experience.”

LDRU and Audiopaxx‘s relationship goes a fair while back, and he recalls when “they came down to Manly and said ‘hey man we’d love to work with you,’ and that’s kind of how it came about.” What has followed is years of both a business relationship, and a friendship.

Sizzlar, LDRU‘s debut album dropped in July this year. The record has lifted his presence in electronic music, and features collaborations with Paige IV, Rob Taylor, Savoy, BOI and Karma Fields.

Of the artists he has worked with, LDRU’s favourite collab is Yahtzel. “We get along really well and he’s really musically talented. He’s just a great dude,” he says.

As for his favourite tracks, “probably the one with Rob Taylor, ‘Take My.’ Just because it’s kind of a bit different and out of the norm to what I’d usually do. I had a lot of fun writing that tune with him. It was about a one night stand and picking up girls in the club, so it was kind of a fun process to write about.”

Although mostly focusing on electronic music, LDRU gathers his inspiration from a range of musicians and genres. “I’ve got a really broad taste in music, and I get inspired by literally everyone who I’ve been listening to; Skrillex, Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac, Outkast.”

LDRU is currently travelling Australia with Audiopaxx, and is playing his latest Sizzlar tracks at gigs across the country.“I’m excited for all of them, they’re all going to be great. But I’m really looking forward to Jindabyne because I haven’t been to the snow in a while.”

Despite his young age, LDRU’s long term goal is ultimately winning a Grammy, and he is optimistic about his chances. “That would be really nice. Everyone’s got a chance, you’ve just to put in the hard work and you’ll get there.”

Audiopaxx’s 5th birthday bash is sure to be a night filled with antics and the best of the electronic music scene. “The birthday party is going to be heaps of fun I’m really looking forward to it…everyone on the roster is going to be together which is a very rare occasion. They’ll be a lot of drinks flowing, and a lot of people having fun together.”

As for Sizzlar, LDRU’s hope for what fans can take away from the album is quite simple: “Happiness, pure happiness.”

Check out the full details for Audiopaxx‘s 5th Birthday Party below and grab tickets here.


Friday 25th August

Home the Venue, Darling Harbour





Colour Castle

Elk Road


Oriental Cravings

Release The Woolves