Amelia Earhart. Han Solo. Tom Cruise in Top Gun. The Wright Brothers. What do all of these people have in common? They’re all thoroughly awesome (particularly Han Solo) and they’re all rather good pilots. Being in aviation and soaring amongst the clouds with the birds is the kind of ambition many children have. It’s one of those pipe dream careers that kids in primary school talk about – what do you want to be when you grow up? A pilot, a fireman, an astronaut! But its also something that with the right training isn’t out of one’s grasp. While aviation is something you should begin learning at an early age, there are ways to get involved in the industry as a novice, and set yourself on the right track for a rewarding, versatile and in demand line of work.

Recently, Box Hill Institute have collaborated with Soar Advanced Flight Training to deliver students the opportunity to hone their aviation skills, and launch them into a phenomenal career. Being a pilot doesn’t just involve flying passengers around the world. There are numerous available avenues for those who sit in the pilots seat, including military work, saving lives during bushfires, or flying people to drop zones for a hit of adrenaline. The state of the art facilities available at Box Hill and the experience of the instructors combine to help students earn their Diploma of Aviation, and subsequently their Commercial Pilot licence.

In the short period of twenty four months, students will be taken from being novice pilots to fully qualified, commercial aviation experts. The Commercial Pilot Licence gives students the opportunity to fly charter, skydiving operations, firebombing operations, crop dusting, customs, search and rescue and more. In both theory and practical based sessions each student is given the chance to immerse themselves in operational requirements, rules and laws of aviation, as well as risk management protocol and general skill development. Aviation, as you can imagine, is a complex and nuanced field riddled with important areas to understand. Sadly, it isn’t as simple as hoping in the cockpit and pressing the big red button. For this reason, Box Hill in conjunction with Soar Advanced Flight Training bring their students up to speed with an in depth knowledge of aircraft radio communications, threat and error management, navigation, safety, managing passengers and cargo, ground and in-air conditions and operations, airspace requirements, civil aviation law, situational awareness and licence requirements. That may seem like a lot to take in – but if you do decide to pursue a career in aviation, every element is of equal importance, and a thorough knowledge of the field could mean the difference between life and death in the air.

While training at Moorabin airport, about an hour out of Melbourne’s CBD, students will be able to successfully complete their diploma, and thus be eligible to undertake the CASA licence test, and obtain qualifications to be a pilot across all areas of the discipline. Working out what kind of career you want to pursue is never an easy thing to work out. But if you want to be more like Han Solo in your every day life, taking to the skies with a diploma in aviation might be just the the thing for you.