Behind every great thinker, artist or world leader, there is a teacher who helped shape their career. In ancient Greece as philosophy was being developed, Socrates taught Plato, who later taught Aristotle. Between them, the three men developed some of the most cohesive and thought provoking philosophical ideas of all time. Jimmy Hendrix’s father was his teacher, instilling all of the skills that would lead his son to be one of the gods of rock music. We often forget that without teachers passing their knowledge on to young people, we wouldn’t have the great artists of today.

The Song Room understand this better than anyone. The charity has been built on an appreciation of the importance of bringing music education to children, and engaging young people through creativity. Music is a wonderful window into another world, wherein students can discover parts of themselves they did not know existed, and express themselves in a whole new light. It is The Song Room‘s mission to bring music education and musical instruments into schools across the country.

Their latest venture centres around recognising the teachers who help craft the superstars of tomorrow as the true heroes that they are. In partnership with ARIAThe Song Room have unveiled the Music Teacher of the Year Award. Fellow teachers, students, anyone at all can nominate a music teacher who they believe is deserving of such an honour. Simply head to this page and enter the details of the teacher you would like to nominate.

The Song Room have said of the award that “this new ARIA has been introduced to celebrate our music teachers and recognise them for their passion and hard work in inspiring and educating Australian children to play and love music.” Voting is open from now until the 21st of July, so make sure you get in quick – it could be your teacher accepting the award on stage.