Considering the mid-semester break is only a meagre week, it’s safe to say a lot of people won’t get much work done. The weekend passes in a breeze and then work on Monday turns into studying on Tuesday and so on and so forth until you arrive at the following Monday dazed and confused. So instead of setting a rigorous and very impossible study schedule, you’ve never set for yourself before, here are five ways to screw the mid-sem break the right way.

Unit Guides 

Have your unit guides open in the background so you know what needs to be done because Week Six and onward come at you like nothing else and are over quicker than you can imagine. Plus, with the knowledge of how much your next essay is worth, you can have it constantly hang over your head because we all know how inspirational fear is.

The Trusty Group Chat 

Strike a deal with your friends in some shape or form that’ll force each other to do work in exchange for food, lifts, and more food. Nothing’s more motivating than some friendly competition over a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Set student-friendly doable goals

By reachable goals I mean an essay plan, printing out notes or readings and having a general idea of what any upcoming essay/assignment is about so when it does come to Sunday night, you have somewhere to start that doesn’t include stress-eating and mass-swearing.

The Game Plan

Or set a game plan where you do bits and pieces of work the first weekend and Monday and then slack off for the remainder of the week. Then you can pick it back up on the last weekend and pray all goes well. At least this way you’ll be able to honestly say you’ve done “some” work when your tutor turns a suss eye on you.

Take advantage of your already screwed sleeping schedule 

If you happen to be nocturnal and stay up ’til 3AM onward, then you may as well get some work done while you’re up. Nothing gets you more in the mood for a solid sleep session then excruciatingly boring readings.

Study Dates

It will take 30 minutes for you and your mate to settle down from the weekly goss and get into but once you do and because the set location is probably university then you’ll end up being real productive. There’s nothing better than getting work done and being able to lowkey gloat about it on Snapchat.

Have a Reward System 

It will 100% start off with typing out the unit code, title, and your name and then treating yourself with a five minute Facebook scroll but it’ll inevitably turn into an hours worth of essay-writing followed by a very rewarding nap when the productivity hits you good.