If you are anything like us and feel a large void in your life in the wake of S-Town and the absence of a third season of Serial, then ABC‘s Radio National is your new hero. For years, Walkley Award winning investigative reporter Rachael Brown has been obsessed with a 37-year-old cold case; the violent murder of Maria James in the back of her suburban Melbourne bookshop in June 1980. As new evidence emerges in the case, Brown is producing the podcast series Trace which explores the new evidence and progress of this case in real time.

Like all the best true crime procedural podcasts, the case goes in strange directions that you don’t expect with a large range of suspects from unidentified lovers to pedophilic members of the Catholic church. Although only having released a tantalising five episodes, what makes this podcast so great is the intimate access and insight that Brown has with this case. James’s two surviving sons, Mark and Adam obviously have a close relationship with Brown, providing large amounts of interview material and allowing her access some incredibly personal testimony. Brown also consults and relays information to Ron Iddles, a retired homicide detective, who’s 40 years on the job gives all the insight into police procedure that any true crime buff would want.

Not only is this podcast captivating and incredibly well produced but thrilling as it is reporting on breaking evidence and news on the case as it happens. Check out the ABC website to binge listen to the story so far and subscribe to get the anticipated updates as it happens.