JMC is one of the most widely respected musical institutions in the country. As well as being a premier music institution, they are also starting to lead the way in game design, film and television and other areas. JMC has large campuses with state of the art facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Now, for perspective students in Brisbane and Sydney, it’s time to get excited – because the JMC Academy have recently announced a $10 million dollar expansion of both of these campuses.

Slated to be completed early this year, the campus renovations in Brisbane will include a new seven floor building which will hold a new library, expanded study areas, creative collaborative spaces, and classrooms. But if that all sounds a little dry to you, fear not – two floors of this brand spanking new building will be fully equipped practice and ensemble rehearsal rooms. If you want to refine your skills by studying music, you have to do so somewhere with the right facilities; and with facilities like the ones being unveiled by JMC, they could be your very best bet.

JMC‘s head of music Sean Foran has said of the new campus – “it will really allow the performance and songwriting students to immerse themselves in music making. We are extremely confident that it will further strengthen the music program as well as the student experience at JMC in Brisbane.” 

But it isn’t just the Brisbane campus getting the fresh new makeover treatment. JMC‘s Sydney based campus is also having extensions made in order to offer an even better experience to its students. By combining the building right next to it with the current JMC building, they school is extending the size of their campus. This increase will result in seven new professional practice and ensemble rooms, new classrooms and in turn new collaborative spaces within the existing facility.

But if you’re down in Melbourne, don’t be feeling to sour. The school has also announced that plans are well underway for a Melbourne campus expansion in the very near future.