It’s true that getting a good education in any given field is one of the keys to success in that profession. But knowledge gained from a book or a teacher can only get you so far. Practical, hands on experience is often equally as valuable to you. Not only does it give you an idea of what it will actually be like to work in your chosen area, real world experience also helps you foster relationships with industry professionals, and subsequently gain references and future employment prospects.

JMC Academy understand the importance and value of internships to their students. For that reason, they have launched a national roll-out of internship opportunities for their students in 2017. JMC‘s CEO George Markakis has said that “these opportunities represent the solidification of partnerships we have built within the industry for many years.” By taking the skills they have developed in the classroom into the workforce, students are able to establish the practical application of their skill-set, which helps to reinforce what they have learned in classes.

JMC‘s internship program is available to students across all of their courses, and these internships can be undertaken as a credited course unit throughout the year. It isn’t just small companies that JMC are offering internship opportunities with either. Their partners for this program include Warner Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing, Pozible, Mixdown Magazine, Ministry of Sound, Face The Music and more. In addition to these fantastic internships and standard education, JMC offers students additional tuition and workshops in portfolio development, and preparation for the workforce.

JMC has proven results, seeing many of its students gain jobs as a result of the internships in which they partake, as arranged by JMC. So, if you’re studying at JMC, make sure you make the most of the incredible internship opportunities they have on offer for you, and make yourself skilled as f***.

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