With their sights set on shaping the city’s future RMIT University, The University of Melbourne and the City of Melbourne have come together to launch Melbourne Innovation Districts – a collaborative initiative to mark Melbourne as one of the world’s great university cities.

With the majority of 227,000 students in Melbourne based north of the CBD, an initiative like MID is sure to inspire and influence a positive shift in the knowledge economy and the future of the city.

MID will help the city continue to thrive and prosper by working together with the public, providing more opportunities for Melbourne’s knowledge workers, researchers, students, businesses and community organisations.

The ‘urban innovation district’ has plans to help the city flourish with upgrades to streets, parks and public spaces while still protecting the district’s suburban character. There will be an increase of engaging collaborative spaces as well as an advancement of the city’s digital stamp with greater use of sensors, apps and Wi-Fi.

“The creation of an innovation district will help Melbourne cement its position as one of the great university cities of the world focused on the future” – Lord Mayor Robert Doyle AC

The collaboration will not only give the district a refreshing face-lift but also aide in the growth of solutions and entrepreneurship by bridging links between industry sectors and urban clusters.

It’s an exciting time of creative solutions for the future of education and the City of Melbourne.