Have you ever been in a foreign country without speaking the language and found yourself in a situation where it would be really helpful to understand what someone is trying to tell you? Enter Google‘s new headphones, which will make that a thing of the past.

At the end of an event unveiling their new Pixel phone, the company quietly announced the technological breakthrough which could change the way we experience the world.

The wireless headphones take requests. By tapping the right earpiece, you can issue commands – ask for directions, make a call or search the net for something. If you ask for your phone to help you speak Japanese and start speaking in English, the phone speaker will output your words translated in Japanese. During the presentation, there appeared to be no lag in the translation whatsoever, though this could depend on Wi-Fi strength, data usage and location. The phone can also pick up what someone else is saying in another language, and translate it through the headphones. Check out the video from the presentation below:

The headphones will set you back $229, and will be available from November.