Ah yes, Valentine’s Day… For some singles, it’s an excuse to go out and get thrashed while for others it’s just another day. It’s usually one or the other but for those suffering from a recent break-up or single feelings in general, here’s your specially tailored guide to being alone but not lonely on Valentine’s Day.

Treat yo’ self 

When you genuinely feel good about yourself, it leads to positive vibes and positive vibes lead to a less likely chance of ending up super salty on Valentine’s Day. Book a haircut or a facial, dress up and head on out. V-Day may be a celebration of a romantic love but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice night out with family or friends. It’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation for them as well as finally having the time for a decent catch-up. 

Have a movie sesh 

For the truly determined on staying home, there’s always a good ol’ fashioned film sesh to save the day. May it be Netflix or something slightly more illegal, just three movies on auto-play will get you through the night and into a stage of semi-sleepiness. With your attention mostly on one screen, it’ll also give you limited sight of all the V-Day posts on Facebook and Instagram. There’s just something super relaxing about kicking back to a couple of movies and snacks without having to leave the house and spend money.

Puppy Love

Who needs a significant other when you have a dog…or cat, hamster, rabbit, lizard…etc.? In 99% of scenarios, animals make everything better. They’re always happy to see you, up for cuddles, can also eat dinner with you and not interrupt you when you’re in the midst of ranting. But most importantly – unless they have scales/ live in the water – they are incredibly cuddly.

Don’t have a pet? Pet-sit for a friend or hop over to theirs for a truly chill night.

Pity Party 

Take advantage of those salty feels and have yourself a pity party. Pitch in to order something incredibly saucy via Uber Eats, Deliveroo, or Foodora, plug in the tunes and get talking. Venting the feels is always a satisfying way to get through the night and even though you might be single or in a very complicated situation that involves Tinder, at least your mates are there to roast you altogether.

Double Shift it 

Working on Valentine’s Day, especially at a restaurant, may not seem appealing, but raising your hand for a double shift could just be a huge blessing in disguise. If you’re looking for a distraction then work is it. Your mind will be elsewhere, your hands busy, and you’ll be earning money. By the time you reach home, you’ll be exhausted and ready for sleep.

Shop til’ you drop 

And finally, give the commercialised day a taste of its own medicine with a purely senseless and materialistic shopping spree for one. Buy the thing you always convinced yourself to wait until it was on sale for or hit up Gold-Class. All that money you see your friends using on their significant others could be put to good use, and by good use, I mean smashed avo.