As if Collarts didn’t have enough amazing courses already, they’ve just announced two brand spankin’ new ones: Content Creation and Music Production. Being at the forefront of entertainment industry focused education since their beginning 8 years ago, The Australian College of Arts continues to grow, offering ample opportunity for anyone wanting a leg-up in making their dreams come true.

Already offering Audio Production, Music Performance, Entertainment Management, and Entertainment Journalism courses, the addition of Content Creation and Music Production provides more assurance than ever that the future of the entertainment industry is bright.

In equally exciting news, Collarts have welcomed Tommy Rando and Patrick Price to their faculty to head these new courses.

Tommy Rando is an Australian singer and guitarist and will be taking over as Head of Music Production. Rando started his career at the age of 19 and works out of his own studios in St Kilda where he writes songs for the likes of Anthony Callea and Lee Harding. The Music Production course will focus on songwriting, creative entrepreneurship, and practical skills.

“I’m excited and passionate to be a part of a new degree that just feels right, in all areas of training, that will give students the creative processes and technological path-ways of making music at the highest level. Our team of expert industry staff provide their experiences and create a supportive, engaging and innovative learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities.” – Tommy Rando.

Patrick Price has worked in creative direction and design, production, and publishing, and will be taking over as the Head of Content Creation. Price is currently the creative director and editor working on his own publication HEARD Magazine, set to launch in May/June. The Content Creation course will offer students with an interest in the entertainment industry in-studio experience with clients, teaching them about digital marketing and project management.

“What I’m most looking forward to about being the new Department Head for Content Creation is helping new generations of creatives find their style and place within the digital media spectrum.” – Patrick Price

As well as launching these two exciting courses, Collarts have announced that they have acquired Mercer School of Interior Design. This will allow Collarts to offer courses in Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Animation in the coming years. Keep an eye out for Collarts’ design courses, or apply now for Music Production or Content Creation for commencement at the end of May.

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