There are a lot more career avenues available in the music industry than you may think. It isn’t just being an international superstar performer – there are hundreds if not thousands of jobs behind the scenes in every aspect of the music industry, and each facet of the diverse world needs new hands on deck everyday. When deciding what to study, often the most important objective for a prospective student is whether they’ll be able to get a job at the end of the day. At first, a course in music may not seem like it would have the best employment outcomes. But a career in music can be multi-faceted, and there are so many roles that you can enter from obtaining your qualifications.

The key to having a diverse array of abilities in any field is to study at an institution that has the goal of helping mould students with a variety of skills. The vision of Monash University’s Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music is to create musicians whose very specialty is diversity. What this means for you, the student, is that at the end of the day you are not just competent in one musical practice, but in a broad variety of practices. You’re probably not going to be signing a multi-million dollar record deal the day you graduate – developing a career as an artist takes time, and patience. For this very reason, universities such as Monash put a strong emphasis on ensuring their students have other transferrable skills.

Many graduates of various music courses will go on to be involved in multiple facets of the music industry. For instance, if you’ve graduated with a bachelor of composition, you will be able to apply those skills to a number of fields. While pursuing your song-writing career, you could work on scoring films, teaching music to kids, or you could work as a session musician for other artists. If you decide to study music journalism, you could freelance for a few different websites or magazines, while also working for a PR company writing press releases for artists.

By studying music at university, there is a whole world of employment opportunities that will open up to you; once you scratch the surface, the jobs that you never would never have thought existed just start to pop up everywhere. With the right education, you could be working as an artist manager, an audio engineer, a festival producer, a publisher, a conductor, or a composer. There is a plethora of educational facilities in Australia such as Collarts and JMC who specialise in teaching the music industry to students. But there are few who have earned the reputation held by Monash’s Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, a reputation that has developed over decades, and is well known within the confines of the industry.

Employers in the music industry look for credible employees, and graduates of Monash’s music faculty tend to be looked at in a high regard due to their transferrable skills, their creativity, and developed ability to think outside of the box. There are as many career opportunities in the music industry as there are in any other sector, assuming you develop the right skills, and you hold the right enthusiasm. Your dream job in music could be more obtainable than you think.