The World’s End is the epic final instalment of the highly acclaimed Cornetto trilogy and it certainly lives up to its name, my world can end having seen this movie. After the huge success of the other two movies, Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007), there was a lot of pressure on Director Edgar Wright to make The World’s End finish off the trilogy with a bang.


It certainly did that, from the get go we are thrust into the life of Gary King (Simon Pegg) which has been rapidly going downhill ever since the night he tried to attempt The Golden Mile, a pub crawl in his home town (Newton Haven), as a teenager. As an adult King gets his old teenage friends together, Peter (Eddie Marsan), Oliver (Martin Freeman), Steven (Paddy Considine) and Andy (Nick Frost), to go back to their home town and finally complete the pub crawl. After returning to the town, the gang realises that there is something wrong with the townsfolk and they start to unravel the mystery.


The World’s End takes a slightly more serious note than the previous two movies, the audience can see that Gary King is clearly a man that is unhappy with his life and needs The Golden Mile to give himself some sort of gratification as if it will fix all his problems. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost basically swap roles from what they had in their previous films, Pegg who usually plays the straight man or the man with the plan now plays the hopeless drunk whose life is going nowhere which is usually played by Frost, who now is playing the sophisticated success who stands up and fights for himself and his friends.  This is essentially what drives the narrative of the film and drives a lot of the character points and relationships in the film. This seriousness eventually turns to darkness and King’s reasons for his adamant stance on finishing the pub crawl become clear.


Fans of the trilogy and of the Pegg and Wright partnership are going to love every second of this film, there are plenty of call backs to the running jokes of the trilogy and many appearances from actors that featured in the other two movies such as, Bill Nighy, David Bradley, Mark Heap and Rafe Spall all make great appearances in the film. Despite all these call backs people who haven’t seen the two preceding films will still enjoy The World’s End and everything it has to offer. The ever growing ridiculousness of the situation is perfectly juxtaposed to the character’s trying to keep calm in order to finish the pub crawl, many hilarious moments ensue as a result of this. The fight scenes are brilliantly funny and extremely well choreographed and it’s almost impossible to tell when an actor has been replaced by their stunt double.


All in all The World’s end was an amazing film, the script was intensely brilliant and clever, the directing was magnificent and the acting was superb. There wasn’t a single thing that I didn’t enjoy about this film it was the perfect way to end the trilogy and I am truly sad that now I have no further Pegg and Wright movies to look forward to.


By William Dariol