The popular web series How To Talk Australians has received over 1 million views on YouTube, and now, it comes to the big screen for one night only (followed by a Q&A with Tony Rogers, Rob Hibbert, Tim Parrington and Jason Byrne).

From Wilfred director, Tony Rogers and writer Rob Hibbert, comes this cheeky poke at the stereotypical Australian vernacular and lifestyle as seen through the eyes of bewildered but eager-­to­-learn students at an Indian training centre.

How To Talk Australians delivers a satirical take on the Australian way of life. An assembly of Indian teachers dissect our national identity, as they perform re-enactments, conduct lectures in linguistics, and attempt impersonations of famous Australians. Absurdist insults as expressions of fondness, interpretable rhyming slang, building a ripper barbie, there is no stone of the Aussie way of life left unturned and hilariously examined. Mining the depths of every aspect of the Australian stereotype, How To Talk Australians presents a unique outsider’s perspective, and asks us to visit that most Australian trait: to laugh at ourselves.

How To Talk Australians screens tonight at Nova Cinema.

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Check out the first episode of the web series below: