The trailer for the latest Christopher Nolan flick does not feature Batman. We just thought we should clarify that before you get too excited about it. There is no Batman in this movie. Nor is there Leonardo DiCaprio fighting people in dreams or whatever happened in Inception.


Nolan’s new movie is a bit of a fresh endeavour for him – known mostly for his fantasy work, this entry in his filmography looks like a gritty, real world war story. Featuring the acting and exposition chops of Kenneth Branagh, as well as the moody, adorable face of One Direction‘s Harry Styles, Dunkirk looks every bit as devastating as any movie about the realities of war is going to be. Faded tones, bombings, haunting disposals of the dead, and Nazi propaganda leaflets that fall from the sky are in abundance. The hopelessness of the endeavour and the general air of defeat that seems to surround the soldiers are very prominent, and it leads to heavy and contemplative mood throughout the trailer. Depicting a small section of beach in France during World War II, the trailer serves to highlight the uphill battle against Nazi forces, and the seemingly unending challenges of trying to hold the beach.

Due to the fact that his previous movies have made so many stacks of dollars at the box office, Nolan seems to have been given free financial reign on Dunkirk. Warner Bros has dropped millions on the film, which is expected to be rather ambitious in scope. Nolan was reportedly given $5m to spend on a vintage Nazi war plane, which he apparently destroyed for the purposes of the film. What is shown in the trailer looks to be beautifully shot, quite morbid, and an eye-opening look at the horrors endured by human beings in those tumultuous days of existence.