Mental health can be a very complex and delicate issue to explore in any medium of art. Australian actress-director Chloé Boreham understands this and has tackled that very complexity in her directorial debut film La Licorne (The Unicorn), starring César Award nominee Paul Hamy and Australian actor Sam Dugmore.

The French-Australian drama was filmed mostly in Paris and explores the intricate nature of human relationships strained by the impact of mental health issues. Following the disruption of a couple’s evening, the trailer for La Licorne depicts the harrowing ambience felt when a relationship is in crisis.

The trailer, which was launched by FILMINK and IF Magazine, gives us a glimpse into the haunting atmosphere that Boreham portrays. The picture also features the musical composition talents of Ben Frost, as well as featuring offerings from BAFTA-winning Olafur Arnolds and German composer Nils Frahm.

Boreham is no stranger to the world of mental health, with personal experiences pushing her to raise awareness in any way she can. Having been an ambassador in Australia for LipTember and collaborating with Black Dog Institute, bringing La Licorne into fruition was inevitable she says; “I’ve written about mental illness, I’ve dreamed about it, I’ve talked about it, and now I’ve filmed it”.

Starring César Award nominee Paul Hamy, the film aims to portray the challenges faced by those close to someone living with a mental illness. Wanting to create cross-cultural films with mental health being the core theme explored, La Licorne is the first release from Boreham’s production company, CB Picture House.

La Licorne which was co-starred, self-financed, written, directed and co-produced by Boreham is currently on a festival run and will have its premiere status announced soon.