Here’s three rock documentaries to inspire the inner musician. They capture the essence of tour life, as well as the amazing music that is performed live.

Sigur RosHeima (2007)

In the summer of 2006 Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Ros embarked on a tour around their homeland. They played a series of concerts, most of which were unannounced, and were usually set in the midst of the dramatic Icelandic landscape. These concerts included performing for families in front of a fjord, playing in an abandoned herring factory Djúpavík, staging a protest concert against the Kárahnjúkar dam, and a concert in the nation’s capital, Reykjavik. These events were all filmed and given the title, ‘Heima’ which means ‘at home’ in Icelandic. The documentary showcases the many facets of Sigur Ros’ music, not to mention the incredibly stunning backdrops that Iceland has to offer.

The NationalMistaken For Strangers (2013)

The National are one of the great Indie-rock bands of out time. The band also happens to be comprised of 2 pairs of brothers, leaving the singer Matt Berninger, to be the only member without a sibling bandmate. That is until Matt Berninger invites his younger brother, Tom Berninger, to come and be a roadie for The National. Little does Matt know, that Tom has plans to film the adventure. What results is an authentic, radical and hilarious portrayal of the ups and downs of tour life; set in the midst of a complex brotherly relationship.

The White StripesUnder Great White Northern Lights (2010)

Iconic rock duo The White Stripes documented their 2007 summer tour across Canada. Under Great White Northern Lights is a boxset release, which features a live DVD, CD, documentary film and a book. The documentary is a preface to the sudden-cancelling-of-tour-dates in 2007, resulting in a White Stripes’ hiatus that has continued until this day. Under Great White Northern Lights perfectly captures the energy, noise and raucous nature of the White Stripes.