Ola! Speaker TV, along with Beat Magazine, are happy to announce the fifth instalment of our monthly music, education and arts event Citizens of The Streets – coming to you on Thursday the 15th of October.

Aiming to promote up and coming Australian artists in an original ethos, each night will be held at the Shadow Electric Bandroom in Melbourne’s iconic Abbotsford Convent and will home opportunities to connect between university crowds, music lovers and of course, the artists involved.

This month we’ve turned our head to the world of electronic music, and the beauties of the fashion industry. With a collaborative photoshoot between emerging designers and emerging musicians, the night will showcase the very first ‘Citizens of the Streets’ Fashion Story.

It will also be the grounds for Gustavo Pallacios‘s debut collection of art pieces for sale. A well known fashion stylist in Melbourne – Gustavo will be wowing the crowds with his collage pieces that draw inspiration from anything fashion (be it models, designers, accessories, or shifting patterns).

Of course, with any installation we put on, comes an array of amazing music for you to enjoy. Headlining the night is the sexy duo Leisure Suite, recently launching their new single ‘Sweet Gin’. Critics have been commending the dream-like combination between Bridgette Le‘s smooth vocals and the crisp clean production.

Leisure Suite will be joined by the dark, industrial and brooding electronic outfit RKDA, aswell as Alice Ivy – the sweet, supple sound of soulful electronic pop.

The night will also be showcasing a range of mixed media exhibitions, including music photography by Briana Davis, and Khara Deurhof.

Be sure not to miss it!

Shadow Electric Bandroom – Abbotsford, Vic
Thursday, 15th of October
Doors 7pm – 11.00pm
Leisure Suite
Alice Ivy
Photography by Briana Davis & Khara Deurhof.
Art installation by Gustavo Pallacios

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