Thanks to discovering this incredible song, I have experienced a little more attitude in my strut on my way to work, an increased range in my headbanging whilst washing dishes and I’ve achieved a higher, grittier key in my shower karaoke sessions.

Press Club is the concoction of four Melbourne northsiders Natalie Foster (vocals), Greg Rietwyk (engineer/guitarist), Ian Macrae (Bassist) and Frank Lee (Drummer). These guys are super talented and their self produced debut single Headwreck is pure punk gold.

It’s about a place we’ve all been. In a relationship with someone that doesn’t treat you right, doesn’t respect you. It’s a call to arms to respect yourself, to demand more. It’s thrillingly raw, infectious and hard hitting from the start. The bare bones production, the rough and ready scuzzy guitars are refreshingly gritty and authentic, and the track has a dirty, sweaty high energy video to accompany it. Check it out below.

The band are playing at Melbourne’s Old Bar on July 8th with Darts and Rad Island.