From Oslo are headed on tour to support their recent single, Nobody’s Original.  In anticipation of the tour, Joel and Joshua took time out to talk to us about what to expect.

The video for Nobody’s Original, released in September, featured the duo playing at a house party. With the sneaking suspicion that it might not have been as fun as it seems, we asked Joshua to tell us how the shoot really went. Joshua describes the experience as “heaps of fun,” which comes as no surprise once he reveals that Young Henry’s provided plenty of cold refreshments, which promptly resulted in “the lounge room floor [becoming] like a swimming pool by the end of it,” with their mates shot-gunning cans. Unfortunately, that footage didn’t make the cut. Nor did Joshua’s highlight, when their manager Rick “had bought some confetti guns and he accidentally blew one up in his own face.”

On the topic of house parties, Joshua said the pair have played some big ones. Most recently From Oslo appeared at the appropriately named “Elwoodstock,” at a mates place in, you guessed it, Elwood. Joshua revealed that the pair have “always said the main reason we started this project was to have fun” – and fun they had – complete with their mates “singing along or getting up on stage to do backing vocals.” But Joshua says there’s nothing like the feeling of playing to “people you don’t know [and] seeing them getting into it.”

From Oslo are sure to see plenty of people getting into it on their upcoming tour. Joshua describes his favourite part of touring as “the pre and post show hangs,” especially with the supporting acts. Out of all the upcoming tour dates, Joshua is looking most forward to a hometown show at The Bendigo, promising that it “will be a bit of a belter.” In attendance for this show will be a special guest – one of the pairs good friends who inspired their band – all the way from Norway. When asked what their wildest tour moment was, Joel told a tale of the last time From Oslo took Brisbane:

“Last time we played brissy the bass player for The Strums Helen split her head open mid song by head butting Jai’s guitar blood gushing all over her face but kept shredding. That was pretty wild!”

Also wild is the number of memes on From Oslo’s Facebook page. We asked Joel what their favourite creation was and he revealed that the duo surprisingly have nothing to do with it themselves. The mastermind behind the memes is revealed to be their manager, who Joel lovingly refers to as Bridgy.” Hitting the mark on every meme, Joel praised “the Star Wars one” as giving him a good lol when he saw it.

***SPOILER ALERT*** so it turns out that josh is really joels dad and he seems pretty happy about it

Posted by From Oslo on Thursday, 17 December 2015


To wrap things up we asked the guys to name their top 5 duos. We know, it’s an obvious one, which is why we made it more challenging by ruling out the obvious answers – no Black Keys, White Stripes, Japandroids, or DZ Deathrays. When met with this difficult challenge, Joshua realised that “it’s funny because I think of there being this big influx of great two-piece bands but there really aren’t that many that have become ubiquitous.” However, Joshua managed to come up with some great bands including Melbourne mates Dear Thieves and their “beefy riffage”, Sydney’s “more soulful” Polish Club, and international acts JEFF The Brotherhood, Death From Above, and The Kills. Despite the countless questions about the guys being a duo, Joel wouldn’t have it any other way because it makes life easier and “more beers to share is a plus!”

Any good tour needs some good merch, so we asked the guys what weird kind of merch they’d love to have their logo on. Some examples were provided for inspiration such as Weezer Snuggies and KISS coffins. Appropriate for the hot, summer months, Joel said he’d “be keen to get some budgie smugglers for our summer shows. I’d wear one for sure!”

You can get sweaty with From Oslo (and look out for Joel in his budgies) on the following dates on their Nobody’s Original tour

Thursday 10th NovemberThe Zoo, Brisbane 

Friday 11th November / Crowbar, Brisbane 

Friday 18th November / The Eastern, Ballarat 

Friday 25th November / The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne 

Saturday 26th November / RiverFest, Tomakin