Hailing from the coastal city of Wollongong, singer-songwriter Harrison Storm has surged into 2017 head-on with no sights of slowing down. Storm kicked off the year signing to Nettwerk Records (Angus & Julia Stone, Mallrat, Boy & Bear) and accumulated an impressive 3.2 million Spotify streams on his single ‘Change It All’.  Gaining momentum, the release of his EP Change It All made way for the singer-songwriter’s soaring vocals to fall on welcoming ears. Add to that a U.S tour and a current run of supporting dates alongside Josh Pyke, Harrison Storm is making his way to becoming a household name in Australian music.

“I usually write when I need to get something off my chest and writing a song can be a good way to see things a bit clearer”

Taking some time between tour dates, Storm sat down for a Q&A to help paint a picture of where his drive and passion for music comes from and where it’s taking him.
When did you start making music? And Why?
My mum had a guitar laying around the house when I was growing up. She had half written songs on guitar that I would finish and change up. I guess that inspired me to start writing my own.
What are your top 5 musical Influences?
Jeff Buckley
Angus Stone
Neil Young
Fleetwood Mac
Ben Howard
Which three things can you not leave the house without?
Headphones. Drink bottle. My epipen (I’m allergic to nuts lol)
What sacrifices have you made to pursue a career in music?
I ended up dropping out of an engineering degree so I could spend my time busking and writing songs. A sacrifice I don’t regret!
What inspired the songs from your EP?
I usually write when I need to get something off my chest and writing a song can be a good way to see things a bit clearer before jumping into an uncomfortable conversation.  

Any interesting stories from recording/writing?
I’m a huge fan of a Canadian artist named Donovan Woods and while I was at a writing session in Nashville recently, it turned out he was staying in a room above the studio. As the writing session wrapped up, Donovan arrived back to the room and I got to meet him, which was pretty cool. 
How is this EP different from your previous EP?
The sound is definitely more refined and bigger in some sections. 
What do you love most about performing?
The fact that every show is slightly different. It makes it exciting and keeps you on your toes. I also love meeting new people after the sets done. Its a buzz. 

What is your all-time favourite album and why is it so special?
Such a hard question.  I think I’ve listened to Ben Howards Album ‘I Forget Where We Were’ the most out of any other (partly because its one of the few CDs not scratched in my car). But something about that album really resonates with me. Theres a huge range of emotions and interesting sounds. Either that or Jeff Buckleys ‘Grace’.
If you could pick any dead or alive artist to work with, who would it be and why?
I’d love to have a writing session with J.J Cale. That guy wrote the best songs. 
What do you enjoy most, touring or recording and why?
They’re both completely different and have good and bad elements. But nothing comes close to making music in the studio.
Do you have a pre-show ritual before you go on stage?
Nothing exciting. I’m usually just trying to calm myself down because I get so fidgety. Sip a little whiskey. 
Do you have any passions other than music?
I love to surf and enjoy reading a book. 
Catch Harrison Storm on his remaining supporting dates with Josh Pyke, before he kicks off his Australian EP release tour in December.