Melbourne’s Neon Parlour Gallery & Studios in Thornbury are set to host VALID from the 28th of July. Curated by local artists Luisa Cavalieri and Catherine de Sousa, VALID will feature work from Antonia Pantazis, Caitlin Shearer, Emma Lee Jensen, Frances Cannon, James J. Robinson, Jordyn McGeachin, Madison Griffiths, Montana Kitching and Sarah Ujmaia.

VALID is a multi-dimension, medium blending exhibition, with works utilising a number of mediums and subject matter being presented, all tied together by a unifying concept of validation. According to the curators, “this group show draws focus to validation in relationship to intersubjectivity, vulnerability and strength, exploring the important role that it plays in the confirmation of selfhood.” 

Participating artists will explore unconventional and taboo subjects, and encourage the audience to find a common ground, and relate to the work. This will serve to give the artists and viewers insight into the personal experience and validate the experiences of one another. By aiming to break down stigmas and feelings of otherness through mutual support and understanding, the show will bring attention to the reciprocal nature of validation within a 21st century context.” 

OPENING NIGHT: Fri 28th July / 6 – 9pm
EXHIBITION DATES: Wed 26th July – Sun 6th August
GALLERY HOURS: Wed – Fri 11am – 6pm / Sat – Sun 11am – 5pm

ACCESSIBILITY: Neon Parlour is fully wheelchair accessible including toilet facilities.

IMAGE CREDIT: James J. Robinson, Apollo Health Club, 1995, 2017.