The Owl and Cat Theatre in Richmond prides itself on offering a space for emerging artists, allowing an avenue for contemporary, confronting work which falls outside of the norm. Located in a prime location right opposite Richmond station on the fringe of Melbourne, The Owl and Cat Theatre cite their venue as being “dedicated to producing new work, cultivating an inclusive community and accessible career platforms for artists. The work created is culturally relevant and socially engaged, encouraging thought.” 

This year the venue is hosting the very first instalment of Platform Festival, an offering which will see multiple talented artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines taking to the stage to deliver brand new works which will challenge expectation.

See each of the events and ticket links below. Head over the The Owl and Cat Theatre‘s website for more information. 

Job =/= Career

12th-14th of June. Tickets here. 

Moving, emotional, funny, and confronting; Robert Warburton and Matthew Papachristodoulou divulge the similarities and differences undertaken in their personal journey to be an actor.

Have You Tried Yoga?

15th-17th of June. Tickets here. 
Have You Tried Yoga is a window into the invisible or very visible life of those living with chronic illness and disability. It’s real and raw stories, cowboy hats and plenty of suppressed anger. You won’t be recommending Advil any time soon. Performed and created by Rachel Edmonds and Martin Astifo.
In a space for shared exploration and sensory encounter, Qualia investigates the nature and continuity of human perception. Four dancers navigate experiential shifts, meditating on perspective and examining the ineffable. Qualia is an immersive performance for a small audience, where movement research meets phenomenology and participatory theatre. Stemming from Dear’s research into perceptive science and philosophy, it poses reflection on one’s relation to the external world. Central is the notion of qualia, which Dear defines as: subjectively known qualities of conscious experience- the properties of sensory perceptions and what they ‘seem’ like to the individual.


21st-23rd of June. Tickets here. 
Role-playing games meet emergent storytelling in platformia – face danger, find treasure, study magic, and befriend goats in this interactive theatrical experience. Created by David McNamara & the hearsay theatre group for the Platform New Works Festival.