The Great Beyond is a Queensland based label that creates fashionable and affordable clothing made from bamboo fabric. Creators Aicha Robertson and Nicolas Azar are passionate about fusing style and fashion with eco-friendly practices. The Great Beyond is a sustainable clothing label that promotes eco-friendly and ethical practices not only in the clothes created, but in the culture and ethos of the company. Aicha Robertson, one of The Great Beyond’s co-creators was recently able to answer a few questions about her perception of sustainable fashion as part of The Great Beyond and in within wider fashion industry.

What do you believe is important about the sustainable fashion movement?

There are many important aspects of the sustainable fashion movement but I feel the main one for myself is creating a better future for all of the earth’s beings and our planet.

How do you think sustainable fashion has the potential to transform the fashion industry? Do you think this is something that could realistically happen?

Hands down I believe it can! I know anything is possible just from the amazing things humans do everyday. Sustainable fashion is changing the way the fashion industry sees fashion, not only emerging designers try to cater to it but also big house hold brands such as H&M offer a green line and a recycling program for their clothing. So it is happening.

“Our perception is that we don’t create clothing just for trends.”


How and why did you decide to start making garments using bamboo as a material?

After modelling for Undress Runways I had a full understanding of the impact fashion was having on the earth and ourselves. So my partner Nick Azar (who designs every piece on The Great Beyond) decided to give it a go, and we always loved bamboo socks, underwear and bedding! So we thought why not chose bamboo material, from crop stage to final product the benefits are endless.

How does the way you manufacture and produce clothes reflect the slow fashion movement?

Our perception is that we don’t create clothing just for trends. We only create about 1 – 2 collections a year with a few pieces that are made to last and be worn again and again.  

In what ways are you making slow and sustainable fashion an accessible movement?

Our prices and style are consumer friendly and we work with Australian fashion creatives to showcase our message of sustainable fashion. We hope by keeping active in the Australian fashion community via social platforms that our product and message helps spread the word.

Who loves a wardrobe full of basics? #TGBStyle #EcoFashion

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Having been involved in the fashion and media industry through blogging, modelling, photography, design and writing how do you see slow sustainable fashion making its way into the mainstream through different forms of media? 

Many magazines and online fashion websites have turned to spreading the word of sustainable fashion and local fashion from celebrities such as Emma Watson raising awareness of the topic. Along with high profile brands such as Reformation who really have broken through to the mainstream with the message of sustainable fashion on all media platforms. It’s there and it’s all happening.

Do you have any particular inspirations when designing clothes for The Great Beyond? How do you incorporate these into your creative process?

I don’t design the clothing but I do put in a little creative input, Nick (my partner and the designer) and I pull together a bunch of inspiration from street style to runway and then we break it down into wearable trends. Then Nick designs the clothing to handed onto our manufacturer.

“We are so glad that we can help someone make a change for the better just by buying a piece of clothing from any sustainable brand…”


How does sustainable slow fashion benefit the people wearing and buying clothes as well the environment?

It’s a lifestyle benefit, if you are more aware of the environmental impact of your clothing. The more you become aware of your whole lifestyle and how you can change if for the better, for example The Great Beyond’s blog covers vegan friendly lifestyle tips, from shoes to foods which is something our audience really loves to be involved in. And we are so glad that we can help someone make a change for the better just by buying a piece of clothing from any sustainable brand, their whole perception of clothing purchases after that will definitely change. I know that mine, as well as my family’s lifestyle decisions have changed for the better after Nick & I created the label.

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