Twelve bizarre murders in murders in twelve cities around the world, each in a different month of the same year – 1989. What could possibly link them?

The Art Fair Murders is the latest ‘chapter’ in Dr. Peter Hill’s ongoing ‘Superfiction’, a part installation, part novel- part website that poses the questions of how do we know what is true and false in any visual statement? And can the inauthentic better describe contemporaneity?

This month, Melbourne artists depict the discussion of the truth in visual statements, with young and accomplished artists presenting their works in the Art fair model designed by Dr.Hill from RMIT, Monash and VCA.

Young Artist Della Butler is one of the few hand chosen to present her works at this years Art fair, her Gargoyle work presenting the viewer with a disconcerting angle on a gruesome yet traditional icon.

della artwork


“My images intend to abstract reality and re-contextualise historical images,” she said, in keeping with the process of the ‘Art Fair Murders’ theme.

Butler, who is a local fine artist and Gallery volunteer is presenting her work on the 18th September as part of the temporal exhibition.

Siobhan Sloper, another young artist has been chosen from Monash University to create a 1m x 1m image to depict her own spin on the convoluted art fair murder theme, her artwork featuring on the 11th September as part of the Art fair.

“My art process incorporates photography and painting, the masked portraits aiming to blur the distinction between the two mediums” she said.

hannah-siobhan sloper

The artworks, presented at Kings are placed as temporal exhibitions and as part of the exhibition are sold to the highest bidder.

WHEN: 30th Aug- 20th September

WHERE: Kings Artist Run

TICKETS: Free, see Gallery for details