Running for its first year, the St Kilda Art Crawl is coming to Melbourne! Kicking off on September 21 until September 24, this four day extravaganza is set to showcase the best of St Kilda’s vibrant arts scene.

The St Kilda Art Crawl seeks to highlight the best galleries, artists, street art, installations, sculptors and photographers across Melbourne, while giving the opportunity for local artists to exhibit and sell their work. The event also provides an opportunity for artists to network and build their contacts.

Bernadette Voss, the mayor of the City of Port Phillip believes the St Kilda Art Crawl is “a fantastic opportunity, it’s brave and it’s what the City of Port Phillip is all about.”

Collaborating with a bunch of artists and venues, the St Kilda Art Crawl is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting art in St Kilda and the greater City of Port Phillip. The event is ultimately a celebration , and creates an opportunity for artists while enhancing the understanding and value of creative industries.

“I think the St Kilda Arts program is beautifully timed, very well organised and very well positioned to take things to a whole new level,” says Honourable Martin Foley, Minister for the Arts.

The St Kilda Art Crawl will feature artists like Maurice Williams, Adrian Spurr, and Anthony Breslin – all exhibiting their unique artistic styles and visions. Events will be held across the four days at a series of venues exploring a whole range of artistic mediums.

The event showcases Melbourne at its artistic best, both through reflecting a sense of community and the broad array of talent in one city.

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