Nebahat Erpolat, Choreographer and winner of the Best Dance Award at the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festivalreturns to the festival to present her latest performance piece Shop I Am

Shop I Am will be held over four nights at the No Vacancy Gallery, examining the behaviour of fashion within our society. Erpolat will pull from references to popular culture, art and music. The piece will engage viewers in rethinking fashion and societal identities.

Dancers, Emma Riches and Benjamin Hurley, will move freely throughout the gallery space, both relying on human reaction. As wearers or performers they will question, comment and communicate to audiences through a shared understanding of the body.

Shop I Am will have its World Premiere at 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival on Wednesday 27th at 6:30pm. It will run to Saturday 30th of September.

For tickets and more information visit the Melbourne Fringe website.