Throughout late July, Provocaré is coming to the Chapel Street precinct in Melbourne to provoke, arouse and challenge. According to its organisers, Provocaré has been curated in such a way that is will ‘reflect the essence of what makes Chapel Street unique.” 

Historically, Chapel Street has celebrated diversity, and embraced what each person has to offer. This has created a densely interwoven tapestry of humanity within the community, representing us in all of our colours, orientations, and religious beliefs. What divides us is not as strong as what binds us as people. Provocaré is embracing this diversity, and reflecting it within their programming.

Between the 20th and 30th of July, the festival is promising to offer a proverbial and literal feast across arts and culture, with “visual arts set to challenge; dinners to heighten one’s sensory experience; and live performances which will make you laugh, cry, and question society’s norms. All guaranteed to have you feeling a spectrum of emotions.” 

With dozens of events, performances and experiences on offer, Provocaré is sure to have something for everyone, regardless of your taste – kinky cabaret, sexually-charged theatre, comedy, music and plenty more. All will provoke in some way. Check out the full list of events happening as part of the festival here, and check out the Facebook event here. 

Tickets available from Provocaré‘s website here.