There’s nothing quite like going to an epic gig and remembering the awesome poster that showcased the performance. The Outta Tune exhibit will run for one night in Melbourne, on Friday 27 October, and will celebrate the art of gig posters and the craftsmanship of screen-printing.

Presented by Dangerfork Print Co., Outta Tune will include the work of Australia’s most exciting visual artists. The exhibit will feature the works of Andy Murphy, Ben Brown, Callum Preston, Celeste Potter, Steve Cohen while collaborating with Dangerfork to present some stunningly original pieces.

Gig posters are unique in both their artistic medium and subject matter. The posters presented exhibit an exciting interplay of popular culture, typography, illustration and print techniques. In recent years, gig posters have become more and more popular, while also increasing in value. Unlike many other artistic techniques, the hand-printing process emphasis the honesty, distinctive style, and soul in the work. The Outta Tune exhibit will display some of the most innovative and unique gig posters to be found in Australia’s creative industry.

The works featured will be both band and movie posters to provide variety in the exhibition. Fictitious bands will also be celebrated and inspired through the lens of pop culture. Outta Tune will push the boundaries of creativity, and have you celebrating tracks and gigs that may not exist in our world, but certainly do in another realm.

Outta Tune features not only some epic gig posters, but there will also be live performances throughout the night. Eaten by the Dogs and Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene will be playing sets while you take your time to view the art in the space.

Outta Tune is sponsored by Melbourne Bitter, Sailor Jerry, Levi’s and Redbank. So it’s guaranteed to be an awesome night filled with unique works!

RSVP to the Facebook event here and find more details below.

When: Friday 27 October, 6-11pm

Where: 27-29 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Cost: Free