Ever wanted to be that person that studies art? Don’t care to spend three years of your life raking up student debts to do so? Well, the National Gallery of Victoria is giving enthusiasts the opportunity with a new short course, Illuminating Australian Art.

Alongside Deakin University, the course explores movements from modernism onwards. Students will study landmark Australian artworks in depth through NGV’s Australian collection and concurrent exhibitions.

Illuminating Australian Art examines pieces from Brave New World: Australia through the 1930s and the contemporary Indigenous art exhibition Past Legacy: Present Tense, amongst others. According to Tony Ellwood, NGV director, it will be an immersive offering that explores ‘how artists make art, and also how viewers approach and interpret it.’

The program will begin weekly with a thematic lecture, followed by floor talks in the gallery spaces. Students will be treated to presenters ranging from NGV educators and exhibition curators to artists such as Patricia Piccininni and Kerrie Poliness.

Class will begin on Sundays starting 17 September-8 October Attendees can choose to do one week or the whole course. For bookings and information visit NGV.MELBOURNE