Next Wave is a biennial Art Festival that takes place across Melbourne in various theatres, venues and people’s homes. It is essentially a massive platform for emerging artists and beginners, to connect with one another and experience avenues and different ways of thinking that would perhaps previously be overlooked.

The Festival runs from the 5th to the 22nd of May with ticket prices ranging from free to around $28. You can catch short films like A-97 that is about one of the biggest crimes in our history “The truth is that you have been tricked. The year 1997 never ended.”

Or you could see the performance “The Delta Project” that explores dance-theatre work through the lens of deaf culture. The company is comprised of deaf and hearing dancers with dance as the universal communicator.

The festival organisers are also offering Green Tickets, which provide a 25% discount off the advertised ticket prices for selected performances if you travel to the show in an environmentally friendly way, so dust off your bike, top up your myki or pull on a pair of kicks. Also, the festival organisers encourage patrons to NOT print their ticket at home, save the time, effort, paper and ink, and just turn up with photo ID to verify your identity.

For the full program visit the Next Wave website.