One of Australia’s most critically acclaimed music festivals, Byron Bay’s Splendour In The Grass has taken it one step further when it comes to engaging festival-goers with artistic sensibilities. 

Each year, Splendour Arts continues to dazzle and impress the nation with their diverse and interactive instalments, proving that there is so much more to festivals than live music. With more Australian music festivals incorporating artistic and cultural aspects, there is no doubt that Australia is flourishing to become an expressive force to be reckoned with.

When assessing the longevity of Australian music festivals, it is easy to observe particular trends. For example, the fall of Australia’s iconic Big Day Out which included little else than live music. Contrasted against this, we see the thrive in festivals that include Australia’s booming art scene such as Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, and of course, Splendour In The Grass.

Curated by international artist Craig Walsh, Splendour Arts 2016 will feature a six-piece journey filled with mesmerising visuals, enticing video art and site-specific instalments. This diverse mix of artistic flair, combined with Australia’s ever-growing appreciation for the arts renders Splendour In The Grass to be one of the most modern, majestic, and marvelled art spaces in the nation. 

In collaboration with Splendour Arts, Splendour In The Craft will be returning again to the festival show ground with more flavour and flair than ever. Featuring craft connoisseurs such as the likes of Beci Orpin and Craft Mafia, festival-goers will be able to add to their outfit repertoire with self-crafted ornaments. 

The artistic exhibitions include:

The Tunnel
Ash Keating
Arch Tunnel Response is a site-specific artwork by Melbourne artist Ash Keating who experiments with colour through a paint medium.

Arch Tunnel Response_Ash Keating_3

Video Art Space
Shaun Gladwell
Video Art Space is the latest instalment to Splendour Arts and features visual and audio works such as:

Pataphysical Man (2005)
Daniel Esteve Omares & Gotaro Uematsu

Skatboarders VS Minimalism (2010)

Pacific Undertow Sequence (2010)
Josh Raymond & Kazumichi Grime

Midnight Tracer (2011)
Ali Kadhim, Judd Overton & Evan Papageorgiou


The Barn
Bennet Miller
Upper Downs offers an immersive experience that gives the audience insight into the mysterious communities that reside within the walls of The Barn.

Upper Downs_Bennett Miller_1

Sam Songailo
Melbourne based artist, Sam Songailo uses the festival-goers as his artistic canvas and their reactions as his poignant artwork.

Program Two_Songailo Sam_1

Tent of Miracles
Andy Forbes
Performance art is explored within the Tent of Miracles, Andy Forbes is guaranteed to have the audience dazed and amazed with his three-night performance ranging from theatre to rock’n’roll.

Un-Intelligent Design_Andy Forbes_print

Cool Shit 
Perhaps the most interesting of all, Cool Shit combines art, anatomy and food with an emphasis on bodily function… that you can eat. 

Mr Poopie_Cool Shit

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