With many individuals and groups using the marriage equality postal survey as grounds to stir up negativity and intolerance in Australian society, social media networks are flooded with contentious messages of support and censure.

Given the weighty role of social media in our lives – especially those of us from the younger generations – it can be easy to find ourselves disheartened by the opinions and declarations of others. Sometimes the prospect that a number of people with whom we share a community go about their lives with such self-serving and  fear-mongering attitudes can be difficult to digest.

Feeling targeted or marginalised in one’s own community is certainly something that no one should have to endure.

In light of these circumstances, Melbourne music identity Johnny Rock is taking action. Tired of seeing hate on social media surrounding the marriage equality survey, he has started his own movement – one that we can all join and share, in the name of love and equality.

Rather than feeling sad, Johnny filmed himself performing an acoustic version of the classic Beatles love song Real Love.

Johnny’s mission isn’t complicated. Calling on other musicians to film and post their own covers, he encourages users to drown out hate on social media with love, and give hope to those who feel vulnerable or sad.

“I have many friends who have become really upset about the negativity out there. I’ve had friends deactivate their social media accounts because it was all getting too much. You can support your mates with likes and hearts all you want but there’s a point where even the strongest people start to break down. So as a muso I thought I could do something else to not only support marriage equality but maybe ease some of the pain out there.”Johnny Rock

Check out Johnny’s video above and join the movement by filming yourself performing a love song and posting it on social media with the hashtag #lovesongsforequality.