Ladies and gentleman, hold on to all your personal belongings because The Illusionists are back for another year.

This time there’s a whole new cast who are labelled The Deceptionist, The Master Magician, The Unusualist, The Master Magician, The Weapons Master, The Hypnotist, and The Enigma. Don’t let these cheesy and slightly stereotypical names and trailer put you off, because these guys mean business.

If the 2013 show is anything to go by, this is going to be one hell of an experience that is not to be missed. The Illusionists in 2013 left the audience with their mouths hanging open in awe like a kid who was just told they were adopted.  In these shows, each illusionist has their specific skill, bringing all kinds of magic to the table. Even the host in the first show played his part doing smaller tricks, revealing at the end  “can everyone who was invited to the stage please come up and collect their watches”. Not one of them had realised it had been taken and only one person looked genuinely pissed off about it.

The cast of seven for this year’s show, including Luis de Matos and Hyun Joon Kim are decorated with awards and have a fan base worldwide for the talent they possess. This sequel promises to take things to the next level, if that’s even possible. Then again, what they’re trying to show is that anything is possible. The audience this time are taken into the future of magic, using 3D projections, more crowd participation and cutting-edge visual effects.

The Illusionists 2.0 Show Times and Tickets

Arts Centre Melbourne, State Theatre

16 – 25 January, 2015

Tickets starting at $59 through Ticketmaster or by phone: 1300 182 183