What do you get when you combine a multi award winning contemporary ballet choreographer, a world-class design and light installation guru, and an international producer, DJ, and absolute legend? You get ‘Tree Of Codes’ the latest groundbreaking artistic spectacle to rock the world, and the minds behind this huge collaboration – Wayne McGregor, Olafur Eliasson, and Jamie Smith aka Jamie XX.

This dreamy trio have conjured up an epic body of work, which will be being presented as part of The Melbourne Festival.  Derived from the mind of Jonothan Safran Foer, and his half book half artwork also titled ‘Tree Of Codes’, this performance can be considered a physical representation of the intersection of artistic mediums, and their interpretation of the world.

Performed by 15 dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet Company, and set in a psychedelic dream world, ‘Tree Of Codes’ is, you could say, artistic inception, with a euphoric soundscape to match. This performance is an interpretation of Jonothan Safran Foers book, which is then an interpretation of Polish writer Bruno Schulz and his work ‘Street of Crocodiles’. Don’t get too caught up in the logistics though, even if you don’t regularly attend the ballet and enjoy a mature glass of Pinot Noir, all you have to know about this performance is that it features work by some of the most talented artists in the world, and incorporates a number of artistic fields.

This performance has been called genius by the locals of London, Paris, and New York where it has already shown and is sure to sell out the 4 shows that have been announced at the Arts Centre in Melbourne from the 17th-20th of October this year.

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