This year, Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens presented the Fire Gardens show as part of the 2018 Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Compagnie Carabosse is a highly-acclaimed collective of French artists who tour the world showcasing impressive art in the form of fire, along with raging bonfire displays specialising in public settings. This year the show displayed its scorching lights and complex fire installations from October 10 to October 13, with sold out shows.

This unique art installation drew a large crowd of diverse spectators who attended the show over the course of its four-night program, with highlights and photos of the light displays bombarding social media.

The French street artists met expectations and beyond, mesmerising their new audiences with its exhibitions of fire spreading out along the gardens all the way to the riverbanks.

Featuring floating fire pots, beautifully decorated lanterns, glowing lamps providing the perfect lighting for that perfect Instagram shot, 30 giant fire palettes, burning sculptures and having over 14kg of charcoal burnt, this large scenography display of art was exactly what spectators had hoped for.

A rare sight in the heart of Melbourne CBD, this magical show of light soaring across the botanical gardens has delivered a experience like no other, creating the perfect, cozy experience for locals to connect with their environmental and elemental surroundings.

Until the return of its next show, Melbourne will wait till it can welcome the warmth of the successful and memorable Fire Gardens again.

Fire Gardens was part of Melbourne International Arts Festival’s 2018 program. It was successful with sold out events. The show ran from October 10 to October 13.