Melbourne artist Kaff-eine, has taken to the streets of Manila in the Baseco and Happyland dumpsite communities, with an international team to create ‘art tarpaulins’, which will feature portraits of community personalities, and used as much-needed shelters.

“The collaborators who worked with me on my last project, Phoenix, made it clear that suitable housing is really important to them. I have so much admiration for the colorful, proud and resilient personalities in the communities; why not combine both?”, says Kaff-eine.

Thousands of residents in Manila’s Happyland and Baseco communities have inadequate housing made from scavenged materials and are constantly battling frequent flooding, typhoons, and fires. Families of five or more are crowded into shanties in crumbling warehouses amongst garbage and along the low-lying seafront and seawall.

“You see old, threadbare ex-advertising tarpaulins (tarps) used for walls, roofs, or tents everywhere, but they are rarely in any condition to adequately protect the families who live under them. New tarps are practical for the climate, weather, and mobility, yet I haven’t seen any new tarps used in the slums, and I certainly haven’t seen any tarps with images that reflect the communities’ quirky and diverse characters”, says Kaff-eine. “Combining new tarps with my portraits of local personalities will provide shelter, and also, a large open-air exhibition spotlighting and celebrating these unique communities”.

Partnering with 10 community personalities, Kaff-eine will paint portraits of them, if enough funds are raised, these portraits will then be printed onto large tarpaulins in Manila, where the project team will work with residents to install them before the June storm season.

Kaff-eine is currently crowdfunding to raise the money for the Happyland project and there are two to get behind the project, so to donate, you have two choices via a tax-deductible art tarp sponsorships through the Australian Cultural Fund or pledge through the Pozible campaign.

Available via Pozible is generously donated artwork by the likes of Adnate, Rone, Miso, Swoon, Vexta, Lister, Ghostpatrol, Lucy Lucy, E.L.K, Makatron, HaHa, Will Coles, and vouchers from Lido cinema, Rice Queen, Chin Chin, Hawker Hall and Vegie Bar, Crumpler bags and many more.

To make donations visit the Happyland Pozible page or the Australian Cultural Fund page at the following links: