Working in cohesion with the founders of beloved frankie Magazine, Lunch Lady Magazine is an endeavor made with a whole lotta’ love. The magazine is a debut publication for Kate Berry based on her previous ‘Lunch Lady’ blog, once used as a platform of release in sharing the trials of parenthood and the interestingly difficult events within her 9 year old child’s life. The original idea for the blog was created upon learning that her young daughter was being bullied for the homemade lunches that were packed for school. Berry was astounded and overcome with guilt that something made from her instinct maternalism was now having a negative impact on her child. However, in collaboration with her daughter, the problematic situation posed as an opportunity to create something great.

Two years later Berry, busy as ever with the chaotic world of motherhood and grappling with the balance of a multiplex work life, she had one of those light bulb moments. Berry found a way to combine all of her creative and work ventures into a unique melting pot and thus spawned the printed publication of Lunch Lady Magazine. Readers can expect to find Berry’s usual humor with interesting journalism pieces, alongside recipes, recipes and more recipes. Plus pieces from writer Yumi Stynes, designer Beci Orpin and cook book author Sarah Coates. The magazine certainly is a labor of love offering a unique outlook on motherhood, food and life to a niche community that has not been touched before. The first edition of Lunch Lady Magazine will be on the shelves of most book stores, newsagents and art galleries on November 16th. Or if you feel ever so inclined, you can pre-order your copy at online shop.

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