Hitting the ever expanding electronic scene back in 2014 with an arsenal of great remixes, Jai Wolf’s collaborations were enough to catch the attention electronic lovers all over the globe, including the likes of dubstep heavy hitter Skrillex. The inevitable fate of crossing paths led to Jai Wolf landing a spot on the OWSLA label, home to talents including Anna Lunoe, What So Not and Carmada. Adding to this, the rapidly rising producer took out a spot on triple j’s Hottest 100 with hypnotic and dreamily melodic ‘Indian Summer’ earlier this year.

Having just played to his biggest crowd at Hard Summer Music Festival, Jai Wolf will soon be hitting our shores bringing with him his roller coaster ride styled DJ set. His Somewhere In A Forest tour will include a blend of trap, house, deep funk, future bass with elements of hip hop thrown in, just for good measure.

We had a chat with the eclectic producer to give you the 10-4 before his arrival on our sunny shores!

Besides performing, is there anything you’re looking forward to doing/experiencing while you’re in Australia?

All I want to do is hug a koala again. The first time wasn’t enough.

You’ve mentioned that Kanye’s 808’s and heartbreaks stands tall amongst your influences; is there any other Kanye works that stand out particularly?

I really like Yeezus because of how raw and gritty the beats were. He took a chance to really experiment and try something new and I really enjoyed the rawness of the album.

Aside from Kanye, whom would you cite as the major influences in your musical works?

Ah this is so tough. I pull from so many different genres. I grew up listening to a lot of pop-punk music, and I really enjoy the melodies of that genre. I also grew up with a lot of classical music, those big grand orchestral type sounds. Those genres as a whole are always in the DNA of my music.

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You’ve been very vocal on twitter about the tragedies occurring in America at the moment – what needs to change?

Legislation has to change. I’m all for stricter gun control laws, but I think the most basic thing that needs to change right now concerning what’s been going on in America is there needs to be more accountability – specifically in police brutality cases. There needs to be people who take responsibility for the people who make mistakes in the police force.

What’s one important rule you’ve learnt as a producer?

It’s easier said than done, but don’t overthink what you’re writing.

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Are there any other members in your family who also work with music?

Nothing professionally, but my mom knows how to play guitar and my uncle is a pretty well rounded musician in Bangladesh.

Are there any NZ artists currently cycling through your day-to-day playlists?

Lorde. She’s amazing.

Be honest – have you been swept up in the Pokemon Go! Trend?

I’m a huge fan of Pokemon. In the last 2 years I’ve played a lot of the cartridge games for Nintendo DS, but oddly, Pokemon Go! Doesn’t do it for me.

Outside of music, are there any art projects/artists whom you draw inspiration from?

Aziz Ansari is actually a big inspiration for me. He’s a great southeast Asian icon and I look up to him as someone who broke barriers in the entertainment industry.

You’ve done many great remixes, are there any artists you want to particularly work with?

If you mean remixing, I’d love to remix and Ellie Goulding song. She has a very ethereal voice, and I think I could do a lot with it.

You get to decide which artist they next have at a hologram concert. Who do you pick?

John Lennon and the Beatles.

What can we expect from Jai Wolf in the near future?

There’s new music coming soon! Very soon.

If you had to listen to one record for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? OR What album would make the cut into the soundtrack of your life? 

1989 by Taylor Swift is the soundtrack to my life.






Friday 16 September

Cassette, Auckland NZ


Saturday 17 September

TBC Club, Brisbane, AU


Thursday 22 September

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney AU


Friday 23 September

Howler, Melbourne AU


Saturday 24 September

Fat Controller, Adelaide AU


Tickets available through JaiWolf.com