In the lead up to the inaugural Winterfest at North Melbourne’s Courthouse Hotel, we chatted with funny man Peter Jones, known for his stand-up comedy featuring personal stories, sentiments and goofy observations about the world of pop culture.

Have you always been a performer?

I’ve always been creative; when I was eight I wrote my own Tin Tin adventures hoping they’d be published because no eight-year-old is aware of copyright infringement.

What kind of kid were you growing up? 

I wasn’t the class clown, I would always just whisper sarcastic things to my friends in class and try to make them laugh.

Was this life always the dream for you growing up? 

I think if I could tell fifteen-year-old me that I was doing stand-up comedy he’d be pretty happy, but I feel like if I told fifteen-year-old me anything he’d be pretty chuffed.

What made you realise you could profit from this talent? 

I get to profit at some point!?!

Describe your ultimate gig?

Ultimate gig would be a packed house of people who don’t want to see me but who I end up winning over. Maybe they’ve wandered into the wrong venue or I’m a last minute replacement or we’re trapped together in some kind of bunker as the world ends and the leader of the group asks me to perform an hour to distract everybody.

What are you doing when you aren’t writing or performing?

At a job that pays me money to spend every other minute of my time writing or performing or sleeping.

If this weren’t your career, what would you be doing instead?

Getting a decent night’s sleep.

Would you sacrifice a limb for your talent if you had the choice?

Unless that bunker scenario comes into effect I hope this is never a decision I have to ever make.

Lastly, why do you do it?

Because why wouldn’t you spend your time on this earth attempting to pursue something creative? Because going to a job day after day just to save up enough money to buy a house to die in seems sad. I’d rather be tired and happy.

Winterfest 2015
Thursday – Improvisation from 7.30pm – 8.30pm. Late night comedy from 9 – 10pm.
Friday – Live Cover band from 6.30pm – 7.30pm. Variety night from 8pm.
Saturday – Piano Bar with Rising Musical Theatre Stars from 6pm. Variety Closing Gala from 8pm.
When: 2nd, 3rd, 4th July.
Venue: The Courthouse Hotel, Cnr Queensberry and Errol St, North Melbourne Tickets: Tickets on the door, cash only.
One show – $10
Two shows – $15
Lounge shows – Free entry
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