This Friday, the Expression Fashion Gala will be celebrating months of hard work and preparation. Advocating for the diversity of culture, language, gender, sexuality, appearance and ability amongst young people in Australia, the event itself will provide young people from the ages of 14 to 25 with the opportunity to showcase their talents in creating fashion. Head by the The City of Stonnington in collaboration with Youth Disability Advocacy Service, Centre for Multicultural Youth, Headspace and The Butterfly Foundation, Expression Fashion Gala is an event that is set to tap into the advocacy of youth in Victoria through inclusion, celebration and style. While Melbourne hallmarks itself as a capital for arts and culture, there are few events that approach fashion from a slow, welcoming perspective that nurtures potential talent before higher study. Through the buzz of fast fashion, young talent is often at a loss between craft and skill; overwhelmed by the lack of support when creating refined, thoughtful and personal styles.

With all of the proceeds of this year’s event will going towards the Youth Disability Advocacy Service, Centre for Multicultural Youth, Headspace and the Butterfly Foundation, the theme for the night encompasses these beliefs; with ‘Free To Be Me!’ powerfully closing the gaps between the designer, their backgrounds and their talent. Encouraging a safe space of different abilities, Expression is an event that is slowly changing the way youth and tastemakers are viewing fashion, closing the tight and often insular circles of success. While it is an outdated way of describing and recognising designers by their age, Expression aims to seize this gap and celebrate each design for what it is. All guests will be treated to a stunning fashion show, including an art exhibition, performances from local musicians, dancers along and a goodie bag. Details are below, including a brief video interview with the upcoming designers and passionate figureheads of the event.

Expression Fashion Gala
Friday, September 9th
Malvern Town Hall (Corner of Glenferrie Road and High Street).
Tickets are on sale at, or you can phone 8290 7000.

For more information about the Expression Fashion Gala visit their website here.

Expression Fashion 2016 – Free to be me! from Department of the Future on Vimeo.