Winter is well and truly here and what better way to enjoy it than to venture south to the City of Stonnington and immerse yourself in the Glow Winter Arts Festival, beginning on the 10th of August. Stonnington, a stones throw away from St Kilda, dedicates ten days of August to lighting up its most iconic venues and public spaces with glowing neon installations, architectural projections and larger than life illuminations. See buildings transform before your very eyes, be enchanted by luminous animals around the City, discover glowing life size plants, and journey through majestic and magic villages, parks and gardens.

Perfect for all ages, and especially suited for families, the Glow Winter Arts Festival “is an opportunity to discover our City in new ways,” Stonnington Mayor Cr Jami Klisaris said.

“From our bustling streets of Chapel and Greville to our magnificent gardens and heritage buildings, you can wander and discover the magical whimsy of these beautiful places,” Mayor Klisaris said.

Among the hugely talented lineup of artists, award-winning Melbourne based, lighting and visual design firm, Mandylights, will transform Central Park with Alice’s Garden. This exhibit includes massive flowers in bloom, flickering rainbows, larger than life mushrooms and little sprouts that cover the landscape with lines of colour running between. As well as amazing light shows and exhibits, there will be some theatre and opera on offer. Dislocate will perform a slapstick theatre show featuring astonishing circus skills and engaging story telling, while BK Opera will strip away the usual pomp and reveal the raw emotion at the heart of their performance.

If you feel like taking some time to immerse yourself in a Winter wonderland then Glow Winter Arts Festival is certainly for you. Beginning on the 10th of August and finishing up on the 20th, don’t miss out. For more information click here!