On Tuesday 3 October, ‘Colour Theory’ is returning to NITV (Channel 34 Free to Air). Audiences are in store for a sensory feast of storytelling and creativity which explores graffiti as a new form for Indigenous art making.

The program will feature four episodes, and take the form of an art documentary which explores how street art is providing an artistic outlet to the new generation of Indigenous Australians. The program focuses on these integral contributions being made to Australia’s artistic scene.

As a four part documentary, each half an hour episode will profile an Indigenous Australian graffiti artist on their journey through the Australian landscape. ‘Colour Theory’ is hosted by Tony Albert, who travels across Adelaide, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Brisbane to explore each artist’s environment while documenting their creative process.

Narisha ‘Nish’ Cash, Libby Harward, Kingsley “Budda” Hampton and Warraba Weatherill will each be featured in ‘Colour Theory,’ as they discuss their individual artistic visions throughout their episodes. Yet the show delves even further, looking into how each Indigenous artist confronts and overcomes adversity through their distinctive styles.

‘Colour Theory’ is directed by Dena Curtis, who seeks to provide an insight into the Indigenous Australian art scene and its unique cultural expression. “For Aboriginal people, colour is light and this is reflected in their graffiti pieces. Graffiti offers this new wave of Aboriginal artists a sense of cultural continuum as well as an outlet to engage in public debate.”

“There is an incredible range of Indigenous artistic expression out there, much of which has had very little exposure nationally. This season of ‘Colour Theory’ aims to build upon the success of the first three series’, to take more of the nation’s best up-and-coming Indigenous artists – and their communities – into the living rooms of everyday Australians,” she said.

The show first debuted in April 2013 on SBS, and was then distributed internationally in New Zealand due to its phenomenal success. Joining Albert and Curtis on board the project is Aboriginal Producer Mitchell Stanley, while curator Hetti Perkins backs the series. ‘Colour Theory’ will explore a new wave of Indigenous Australian art, which is set to pave the way for an exclusive street art experience within Australia.